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IT Consulting Company


IT Consulting Company which provides consultancies in such areas as Quality Assurance, IT Security, Digitization, Data Science and Machine Learning, AR/VR Technologies, Geo Information Systems and more. Also company provides services of setting up the dedicated team to implement the technology to your business.

If you are looking for new opportunities that technology can give, we are here to help you, either you are a small startup consisting of only one person or you are a growing and established company.

Based on our practical knowledge and long-term experience we are able to accomplish projects of any complexity and fulfill high demand for tech transformation. For more than 10 years our professional team successfully helped our clients from all parts of the world to reach their goals.


Wide range of expertise allows us to assist companies in all their technological needs.


Providing full-cycle of engineering services to develop systems and solutions of any complexity.


Offering technical and informational support for the entire period of cooperation.

How we work


Our goal is to help you figure out how to make your business better the most effective way

Personal approach

We carefully study all the aspects of your business taking into consideration every tiny part. That allows us to find out keys to open new opportunities.

Professional team

Team of professionals will be working on your project. Expertise and deep knowledge of subject is the rule for all members.

Fast and easy

We work fast making communication easy. No time loss and hassle for you. Just effectiveness.

Advanced tech

Technologies are moving fast and we are up with them for you to be at the head of digital era.


Suited for all kinds of tech companies and for those looking to digitize their business

For Established Tech Companies

Searching for improve on existing development process

You may have been looking how to make your processes running better but anyways there are always opportunities for improvement. Which is about implementing Continiuous QA or optimizing QA process with the use of Mobile Cloud Testing. Or it can be about costs reduction because of setting up an offshore team for your mobile app development. Or you’re not satisfied with your product right now and want to know where is the problem. Cases can be different but we always have solution.

For Technology Startups

Searching the best ways to produce the product

Exposing your new idea and bringing it to the market is challenging for each company. Great ideas must be supported with high end development from the very beginning. And we are here to help you with this process from choosing the right technology and setting up dedicated team to the success of your product.
We believe, the right way to success is: to set up dev process well – build MVP – test idea – move forward fixing, improving and scaling. With us you’ll find this approach working its best.

For Non-Tech Companies

Looking for optimizing their processes using technology

Because of technology every business is changing fast no matter which industry is it from. If your competitors will be moving faster then you, you’ll loose the market share. But this nightmare won’t come true with us helping you to be one step ahead.
No matter which technologies you’re using today we’ll help to improve them so you’ll be able to reduce costs on employees and increase profits.

For Tech-transitioning companies

Looking for building new digital vertical to scale the business

Having thoughts about bringing your business to the digital market? Well it is definitely right time for transition. Companies must embrace digital to grow and with us your expansion will be the most efficient. We can help you to choose the right way to achieve the best results from your Digital Transformation.
Is it about using your current customer base in a different way or bringing new opportunities of monetization it all leads to growth.

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Team Setting Up

Full cycle of actions to provide you most appropriate team among
more thAn 200 professionals DEDICATED TO SOLVE SPECIFIC ISSUES

Defining Your Needs

Business analysis of your requirements to make pre-estimation.
We’ll have a small talk about your project and we certainly will have a few questions regarding it.

Proposal Submission

Based on your requirements we will provide you with an offer that will include the number of team members, their rates and duration of the project.

Integration To Your Process

No matter in which time-zone you’re situated and which frequency of meetings you prefer, we’ll integrate to your schedule and make the work process comfortable for you.


We’ll be keeping an eye on what’s happening on the project and will improve everything that could be improved so you can be sure that your project is managed from the top.

Best Practices


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Pro QA Process Implementation

Which is using by major publishers of mobile apps with significant DAU

  • Continuous QA:
    What Is And What For?
    Mechanism & Fundamentals
    Hacks to Succeed With CQA
  • Mobile Cloud Testing:
    Real Case Study
    Benefits of implementation
Pro Security Approaches

Best modern ways to keep your data safe

  • Federal, State And Industry Regulations:
    Risks Of Data Leak In Terms Of Law
    Compliance Program
  • Information Security Program:
    Security Risk Assessment
    Proactively Management Approach
How GIS Are Changing Industries

New Ways For Companies To Reach Significant Results

  • The Science of Where In Action:
    See, Analyze, Predict And Plan From The Above
  • Becoming A Bird:
    Implementing GIS For Different Industries
Great Opportunities Of Digitization

Building New Digital Vertical To Empower Your Business

  • Platform Thinking:
    What is it?
    For whom are these opportunities?
  • Building Your Digital Vertical:
    Bringing New Ways Of Interaction With Your Database

Our Consultants


Our success depends on the strength of our team


CTO-level consultant

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience of professional Software Engineering as well as Management of Software Development teams. Andrew’s exceptional engineering talent proved itself in designing and coding several complex software solutions. Last 13 years as a Senior Software Architect Andrew has been providing team the technical direction, strategy and mentorship in some key complex technical areas.

Strong knowledge of full technology stack from RDBMS at the bottom, modern backend platforms and languages and popular JavaScript frameworks at the top allows Andrew to design and build very stable and elegant solutions.


CTO-level consultant

Victor has held software development leadership positions for over 17 years. His forte is innovative designs and approaches to complex problems.

Victor has a strong technical background including requirements analysis and business process evaluation, software design and architect, software engineering and database design and data conversion.

Large-scale integrated resources planning and management systems, GIS system and document management solutions have been his primary focuses for the last 17 years.

His diverse background makes him a key resource concerning using latest RDBMS such as MS SQL Server and Oracle, ESRI ArcGIS products (Server, Desktop, ArcSDE, etc.) and Microsoft .NET technologies.


CISSP & CEH Security Consultant

Certified Information Security professional Gene has been helping healthcare, consumer goods and technology companies keep their critical information safe for more than 18 years.
Before Gene was Director of Blue Shield’s Security and Technology Assurance team. In addition to leading IT and security audits as well as HIPAA and SOC 1 compliance activities, he oversaw internal and third-party security assessments. Also Gene worked as a security engineer at Clorox where he developed security policies and standards, managed security incidents, and deployed security tools and enterprise solutions.
Gene received his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management with specialization in Cyber Security degree. He has also earned certifications as a Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

We provide CTO-level consultants
and highest quality software development


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